Mediartis LTD:
applications for education, edutaintment and life
For better future
Our apps IQsha: development and learning of children in a playing way
Expertise in developing educational games
We have 10+ experience in EdTech
Digital marketing experts in parental audience
We built society around our products
Wу believe that gadgets are good helpers in education 
And teach kids to use it in proper way
Services for partners
Branded educational content
We used to make branded educational content on our planform for such brands as Disney, Lego and Picart.
In our portfolio there are co-marketing activities with Danon, Pepsi Co and others.
Corporate access
Wу provide access to our platform for kids of company employees as a part of corporate social care.
Individual programs
We may create specific educational programs for special kids and groups.
Services for users
App for kids 2-11 years
We will remind youк child to study regulaly.
Control progress. Week and strong points of your kid's studying.
We created special effective motivation system for easy study and retuning to app .
All kids in one account
Easily switch between users to keep individual progress and history.
Flexible settings
Study what youк child needs, regulate intensity and amount of time by yourself
Feel magic
Only 15 minutes a day makes difference for the progress

Mediartis LTD
Phone: +357 99885340
Nikou Giorgiou 8, 1095, Nicosia, Cyprus